Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0


Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi guys, those who already know me, I have always been skinny…really chopsticks and skeleton skinny. Well, I am going to tell you my secret to gaining muscle. As you already know, I love to teach and make people know more about me in the process. For a while now, I have been getting emails and messages from facebook and instagram mostly about my significant increase in weight. For those of you who made their own assumptions about how I made it, I am finally going to teach you how.

I have gained some muscle and they cant believe it. I understand their disbelief because I have always been skinny…like really skinny so I understand why they are shocked especially my family and friends.

It is hard for people to believe that I do not take protein shake. To tell you the truth, I tried those expensive shakes many months ago in my desperation to gain some muscle but all to no avail. I wasted a few bucks that’s it!

It was pretty much a frustrating bout of workout, dieting, taking supplements that I couldn’t afford anymore. I finally stopped trying completely because none of those was  working and I was still skinny!

I desperately wanted the privilege of being able to take my shirt off at the beach, of being the reason why someone would turn, I just wanted to be attractive too, you know…all that self esteem stuff. I was just tired of looking just SKINNY! It pissed me off! So guess what I did…just like anybody would do…I went on the internet to find help!

I was blessed and guided by God to find just the right thing I needed to make the change. A wonderful muscle gainer blueprint for skinny guys or hard gainers. I was excited! Because it was obvious he had been where I was and understood everything I was going through. He had just the right solution to my problem. I took him on his offer and started to follow his muscle gainer blueprint. It was awesome!


It worked like magic in just two weeks, I was beginning to see a change; a change I couldn’t see in months before I tried his blueprint.

When people begun to compliment me and started to use adjectives like sexy, attractive, fit and mascular, I simply couldn’t believe it was me. That mindset really helped me a great deal in boosting my confidence.

The first thing I did in my first month was to go to the beach with friends and OH when they saw me, I love to replay their reaction in my head all the time. They simply couldn’t believe that was me

We had a great time. I started to flaunt my muscles on instagram and what a number of compliments and positive comments I received? They were uncountable! My followers literally doubled in few weeks and kept growing. My muscle gaining experience made me absolutely confident and feel very attractive from my inside out.

I encourage my skinny brothers and all hard gainers to check it out, it’d be of tremendous help.



5 Reasons All Skinny Guys Are DEAD WRONG In Their Own Approach To Building Muscles 

If you’re like me and have always struggled to build muscle and gain weight I’ve got some bad news for you. If you keep doing what you’re doing right now you’ll never gain any significant size or strength.

That’s because you’re a hardgainer. A hardgainer CAN’T do what everyone else does and expect the same results. We don’t have the genetics for it.

It’s always going to be very difficult for us to build muscle if we keep making these same mistakes over and over again.

So, why are you still skinny and not building muscle as fast as you’d want to?

Here are five reasons…

Reason #1: You’re Ignoring the Law of Progressive Overload

To build muscle you have to get stronger.

Using the same weights for the same number of reps does absolutely nothing to force your body to adapt. You’re just spinning your wheels and wasting your time.

The guys who gain the most muscle are the guys who gain the most strength.

If your program doesn’t allow for consistent strength gains on a regular basis you’ll never build any serious muscle.

Reason #2: You’re Not Training With Enough Frequency

The more frequently you can train a muscle (while still recovering and getting stronger) the faster you’ll grow. Most bodybuilding programs have you training each muscle once a week.

But what if you planned your workouts in a way that you could train each muscle group 104 times per year instead of 52? Two times the growth stimulus would certainly lead to a hell of a lot faster results.

Reason #3: You’re Doing Too Many Sets & Reps

Forget about copying the workouts of your favorite pro bodybuilder.

The total weekly training volume they use will kill the steroid free, skinny guy who wants to build muscle.

There’s absolutely no reason to be doing numerous sets and exercises for every bodypart.

The goal is to get in, hit hard, do slightly more than you did last time (either more weight or more reps), stimulate the muscle growth process and get out.

Like Lee Haney said, “Stimulate, don’t annihilate.”


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