1. Julie Buhite
    @ 11:35 pm

    I can totally relate to this. There is so much more expected when titles change. It’s like it messes with our heads and the words “possession” and “insecurity” and “pressure” become uninvited and at first unacknowledged guests. Whereas an amazing friendship seems to offer so much more freedom, acceptance, fun and spontaneity. Let me know when you get the answers to it all, OK? 🙂


  2. holyholyray
    @ 8:07 am

    U said it all, its like u wrote ma story for me, just dat i decided to date her will go against us. So we just act it for our friends and keep our beautiful friendship. Its been a decade of a beautiful friendship


    • The Voice.
      @ 8:24 am

      That is really nice to hear. Sex changes everything. Thanks for sharing


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