Top 3 Video Games on Killing Donald Trump already!?

This is insane man! I know you don’t like the guy but making games children can play killing Donald Trump is just too far. Like really?!

The first game is called Mr.President.

Did I say saving Donald Trump from being shot is too harsh?. Whatever, man. But you should see this. You can download the game by clicking HERE

Video below.

What about when you are given the chance to save Donald Trump’s life in a surgery. As in, he is lying on your surgery table!! Hmmm. What would you do? Save him or kill him. Of Course we are good people in this game…we are surgeons.. we save lives. Donald Trump is not mere human..he is the president of the United States of America.

The game is called Surgeon simulator.

You can download game by clicking HERE.

What if you are given the chance to actually punch Donald Trump. What would you do? Hit him just a little, let him go or you will probably beat him to death. That’s too harsh, guys. You would have to let him go at least for his good model wife. She won’t….can’t survive without Trump–she is a model and can hardly speak english.

Please go easy on him while you play PUNCH TRUMP by clicking HERE


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