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Hiding in the shadows of an abandoned building on campus breeds a story about a fearsome creature nobody seemed to know about for sure. For many, it is just one of those mysterious campus stories that give boarding school students who are far from television and other forms of entertainment some breeze of excitement. “It is just a made-up horror story” the bright students brushed off. “It is true!” the not so smart ones argued.

Jim, an undoubtedly arrogant, selfish but also the most popular boy in his High School almost mistakenly stumbles into the abandoned building to unravel the truth behind those doors.

Seeing the dejection and abuse in autistic eyes of terror, tells rather a story of victimization due to the ignorance of his African society.

His encounter with the truth, leads him to experience true battles of mental trauma and abuse in the face of love, acceptance and an unusual bond of friendship.

The path he opens up simultaneously with the door of the abandoned building, leads him through a turbulent and an unpredictable journey that changes his life, the school and that of his society forever.

About the Author


Richard Siaw

He has been a writer since he knew how to pen down words. He wrote his first book of animation in second grade where he wrote stories of his favorite cartoon shows for his friends who did not have television and those who were unable to watch them after school. Since then, he has written five different stories; namely,  Goldy, the Pot, Mysterious love, Whispers behind her ring and Eclipse of the sexes.

Richard Siaw is a graduate of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA) where he studied Human Resource Management. He also completed Akosombo International School, where he studied English Literature, Music, Economics and History as his electives.He has been a blogger for three years where he captures hushed social issues in the society.


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