Pics&Vids From Ababio’s Fashion Show 2015 Graduants

Hi guys, I was at the night of elegance and fashion at Joyce Ababio’s graduation ceremony/Fashion show 2015. It was one of the moments where my hope in Africa’s fashion industry was rekindled. What graduants of a one year course in Joyce Ababio’s fashion school were able to put together was amazing! Below are some of the pictures.

DSC00793 DSC00799 DSC00801 DSC00804 DSC00809 DSC00811 DSC00790 DSC00789 DSC00788 DSC00786 DSC00782 DSC00780 DSC00772 DSC00775 DSC00776 DSC00814DSC00865DSC00871DSC00879DSC00875DSC00816


And then to my favorite part. The African prints….they were absolutely stunning. The most interesting part about this section was that it was a competition; a very keen one indeed considering the beautiful styles they put together for this particular section.

DSC00937 DSC00924  DSC00913 DSC00906 DSC00910DSC00930DSC00926DSC00927

DSC00933 DSC00936DSC00939

However, I thought there was more room for improvement. The students were used as models which I feel is not the best. There were alot of things some of these unprofessional models did on the runway that was an eyesore…some were extremely  funny.

Judge for yourselves!

However, considering the fact that they were untrained models, they did fantastic!

Well, guys I am kinda tired. It been such a looong fashion day and I enjoyed myself. I am sure my subscribers definitely were the first in the world to see and be part of this fashion show. Peace out!