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Hey guys, as I went through instagram yesterday, I stumbled upon an instagram page called adoma music. I saw many short clips of adoma’s music on her page. I decided to do something I rarely do; to click on a video on instagram and OMG! This girl is a sensation. Her strength, her voice and above all…..(if you want to read more and to watch her videos, click here)



Guys! This is freaking unbelievable! Have you seen the Ghallywood movie 14:32? Infact this is the first dance movie to ever hit the screens of Ghallywood. Pardon me, did you say there’s been many before this? Dont get me started… To watch the trailer that will make you begin to doubt if it’s ghallywood, click here

Andy Siaw

Y’ello guys! I have met him! Andy, a model and an actor who has been in the industry not too long ago is already causing an implosion in the African movie industry. His movie, “Shredded Stitches” which came out earlier this year made headlines with his supporting role as ‘the guy who raped his father’s girlfriend’….(To continue and to watch his act, click here


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