Facts About Africa’s Richest Man-Dangote

Africa’s richest man….in fact the richest Black man in the world with net worth of about $25 billion has placed Africa specifically Nigeria on the world map. It is great that Dangote is doing so much for his country in terms of employment with his huge businesses in flour,rice,sugar, cement among other products within and outside the country. These are the main things Dangote is known for. However, there are surprising facts about Dangote that deserves some attention.

  • Among Dangote’s 15 children, none of them is male. He has all female. Considering how important male children are to Africans in continuing family lineage and succession, it is indeed surprising that out of his many children, he does not have a son.

A picture of him, two of his daughters, son-inlaws and his grandchildren.


  • His quest to have a son is rumored as reason for his over four failed marriages. An African man who has no son, must have had a great deal of pressure both internal and external to have married as many wives to have a son. “Make you born pikin, you dey born woman” It means in Nigerian pidgin english, “Instead of baring children, you are baring girls”. Girls weren’t treasured as children in many parts of  Africa because they do not carry on family name; they marry and take upon themselves another family name. This is still a problematic issue in Africa.

Nafisat Yar’adua

  •  He has had his fair share of heartbreaks. It is indeed surprising that the wealthiest black man in the whole world has had his heart broken by an African woman. Dangote fell inlove with Nafisat Yar’adua; the late Nigerian president’s young daughter. She refused Dangote’s proposal because, she was friends with Dangote’s daughter. Obviously, as every other man would have felt, his ego was breeched. He wanted to get her by all means but lost her to the ex husband of his ex wife Hajia Mariya. That must have been one hell of a gala! If Dangote has had his heart broken, then my brother, ‘make you no worry about your own at all!’-pidgin english.



  • He has a soft spot for planes. Aside the planes his companies owns, he later acquired a brand new Bombardier‘s Global Express XRS private jet.


  • He has also had 3 plane crushes in his lifetime. The first one killed the driver and paralysed the co pilot in 1983, the other killed his brother in 1996 and he still survived his last one in 2008 on his one way flight to Angola. The first thing that occurs to me is that because of his success, witches want to kill him! Don’t mind me I am only being African. But, wait a sec, how come he didn’t die all those times?  Ibi gbala ooo!



  • He also loves the Arsenal team and intends to buy it someday and fire the manager Arsene Wenger. Chai! An African man is an African man ooo.



  •  Although Dangote is muslim, polygamy is something he describes as ‘burdensome’. He is very uninterested in marrying more than one woman. In all his marriages, Dangote married them one at a time; not even once did he take two wives. The poor ones, this should be an indirect advise.(pulling unto my ear)— a Nigerian way of emphasizing advice.



  • Dangote is usually described as the ‘underground politician’. Even though Dangote is actively involved in politics especially when he donated N200,000,000($2M) for Obasanjo’s re- election in 2003, he states clearly that he has NO interest whatsoever in becoming a politician.

It is really awesome that an African man, born and bred right here in Africa has risen above all obstacles the environment(economy, standard of living, politics etc) poses which makes it seemingly impossible to succeed in the world of business. He has rather proved to the world that Nigeria_the African continent is also a good place for investment. Africa couldn’t have been prouder!

In fact, this man has inspired me to succeed and I hope you are inspired as well to be better!