Women Confess To Dog Sex Video & Legalization?!-Bestiality


“I can finally marry my dog now!”, will soon be a thing on the mouths of people especially with the legalization of bestiality in Canada serving as a start. It is really shocking what is happening in this world lately. Now, everything seems out of control. It is like there is no limit to human beings anymore.

The court of Canada passed a law stating that it is just fine for a human being to have sexual relations with an animal without penetration. First of all, I cannot begin to describe how totally useless the clause is; they should have as well told them not to touch the dogs at all. My IQ literally drops to zero the harder I try to understand this. This is utterly disgusting and there is no way I can qualify this!

The fact of the matter is that, bestiality is more common than you think. A sexual researcher, Alfred Kinsey estimated that 8% of men and 3.6% of women had engaged in some sort of sexual act with an animal in the 1940’s. If that was the 1940’s, how much more now that it is completely COURT legal for anybody to have sex with animals in certain states in America such as Texas and other places in the world such as Australia,Finland and Hawaii. You see, this insane act is more common than you think!

Ofcourse there are definitely effects to this practice that bestialists remain surprisingly oblivious of. Studies and research have made it clear that bestiality is the cause of many incurable diseases that have come to stay. Diseases that are transferred from human beings to animals are called zoonosis. Examples of zoonosis are Brucellosis, Q fever, leptospirosis, toxocariasis and rabies. A study conducted in Brazil compiled in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found a prevalence cause of penile cancer with this practice.

The question still remains why do people practice this? Most people practice this for sexual pleasure usually because they lack partners but for others, it is simply a better sexual experience than humans. A 20 year old lady who was arrested for having sexual relations with her dog for the past seven years after she had been reported to the police by her boyfriend publicly declared that her dog was a better sexual partner than her boyfriend. Crazy, huhn?  Others also practice it for money. A woman confessed to have been practicing bestiality in porn to raise money for herself and her family. It was so traumatic for the woman that she could barely say the word ‘dog’.

Bestiality is abuse. What mind does a dog have for their owners to take advantage of them that way. I am a dog lover as most of my subscribers know already. If you don’t know that already, you could look at some of my dogs pictures by clicking here so watching dogs being treated like this infuriates me to the core. It is totally abuse to have sex with dogs. It is wrong on biblical standards as well. It is a sin…a taboo and it is totally disgusting.

Are there treatments? Yes, we thank God there are. Patients are sometimes given drugs to reduce sexual appetite. If an individual has insatiable sexual drive, he or she is more probable to be driven to step out of the ‘box’ to satisfy those urges. That and many other treatments are there to help people like that.

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Abuse of animals this way must be stopped and this insane act that endangers our lives must also be brought to an end. Until next time, subscribe to my blog and visit my video buzz channel and my vlog as well. Peace out!