Rastafarian- Lessons I Learnt From Them-with VIDEO

I have always been judgemental and scared of people in dreadlocks. I had the idea that dreadlocks only portrayed drug addiction, theft and everything associated with evil. However, I felt it was not right to judge people based on their mere appearance. Thus the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

For days now, I had decided to talk to at least one person in dreadlocks. I knew that most men in dreadlocks wore them for many reasons; for its beauty and some of them simply to look African enough. But I met one Jamaican man who actually had sentimental and philosophical reasons for wearing dreadlocks which taught me a lot!

Ordinarily, I would not have bothered to find out. I would have been part of the lot that simply judged them based on what the society thinks about them. It would amaze you, the number of days it took for me to master courage to speak to ONE. As God would have it, I spoke to just the right ONE; a rastafarian.

He wears it to symbolize history; FREEDOM OF OPPRESSION. The base line for me was the fact that he compared ‘oppression’ to many things, exploiting every sense of the word. Racism, discrimination, xenophobia, hate were all symbols of ‘oppression’ he stands against. Therefore, his dreadlocks mean so much to him in this regard as an African who is against oppression in every form. He simply stands for LOVE and if his dreadlocks was what it takes to preach that, he would gladly wear it.

I am not preaching Rastafarian neither I’m I encouraging it. All I am saying is that we could be less superficial as people to embrace the good in people and to be open enough to learn as Africans. Our unpreparedness to learn has been our bane as Africans for so long.

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Stay true to yourself cos that’s awesome! Peace out!