My Night Of Terror!

I laid in bed in anxiety as if I was expecting an assassin that night. I simply could not wait for the sun to rise to eradicate the darkness that filled my mind. I was simply uncomfortable that night, I could not lie in my bed still. Everyone was home and the doors were locked; I stayed in my room and locked my door as well but I still felt uneasy. I wish I felt sleepy so that the journey to morning would be hastened through my sleep. I sat on my bed with my eyes fixed on the clock asking myself when the sun will rise.

Few moments passed, and the world was totally silent. I would have been able to hear a pin drop if any fell. I sat on my bed cracking my knuckles in anxiety with my eyes fixed at my tattered window nets and my curtains that were easily blown by the wind unveiling my room to the outside world.

“Perhaps I can’t sleep because I have nothing to watch”, I whispered to myself as if to prevent someone else from listening. It has been a habit from childhood to watch a movie or any TV show before I sleep; it lulls me to sleep somehow. I went to the sitting room to pick up a laptop to watch a movie. I went to my room and I  felt the bed was too close to the window so I pushed my bed into the corner and watched the movie in the corner of my room.

When I was just dozing off, I heard a gunshot!. I would usually say my heart was in my mouth but it felt like my heart went straight down the opposite direction. The dogs were alarmed and they began to bark. The fact that I was scared makes me laugh now because I knew it was my brother who shot the gun. He fires warning shots at night sometimes to ward off robbers; I knew this but I was still frightened to the bone!

Hours passed and I was still awake. I put the laptop off, closed my eyes and tried so hard to sleep. Before I could enter dreamland, I heard footsteps from behind my window. My eyes jolted open at the sound of it; I stared intensely at the windows only to hear the dogs sniff from behind my windows; I then knew it was just my dogs.

I went to my sister’s room to catch some sleep but her bed was uncomfortable so I left after a few minutes of trying to win the battle against sleep. I went back to my room and laid on my bed wishing I lived in a storey building far  from reach and then I dozed off.

I woke up choking and screaming,”Jesus!”. I got scared when I could not open my eyes as quick as I wanted. My body was tired but my mind wouldn’t allow me to sleep. I screamed because I felt I was being drugged to sleep as I believed might have happened a few days ago when robbers stole from me while I slept in my room.

The fact that the burglars stole my laptop, phones and other vitals through my window made me feel so unsafe in my room. All the robbers needed to do was to tear my net and use a special stick to grab my stuff from outside through my window. It amazes me how they did it while I SLEPT.It made me feel unsafe in my room.

What I did the following day to win my sleep back was crazy! I shifted my wardrobe to the window and found planks of wood which I nailed to cover every space that was left of my windows. My room was so dark, allowing no air nor the sunshine into my room. All I had was my light bulb and air condition; there was no natural air nor sunlight.

Apparently, this has been the technique of burglary in Ghana these days and its frequency is skyrocketing. This has placed so much fear in me and I am beginning to realize how unsafe Ghana is becoming.

However, it is worth blaming the present state of the nation’s economy to the abrupt rise in burglary. My only consolation for losing my laptop is that it must have helped an impoverished individual or family in Ghana.