NPP ( Akuffo Addo ) vrs NDC ( Mahama )

“Mahama and Akuffo Addo, men who are bargaining with us for our land. We are looking for the one who has the largest bargaining power to BUY our land”

“Mahama and Akuffo Addo, men who are saying sweet words to woo us. We are listening out for the one with the hottest pickup line”

“Mahama, begging to remain in the relationship while we have seen the hottest and newest hottie in town, Akuffo Addo. It is such a difficult choice because we have been with Mahama for four long years. We have been trying to build a life together. We even had a beautiful child together we named Dumsor.


Now that we have seen this fresh new hottie; Akuffo Addo we are beginning to think twice if our relationship with our husband was worth it. I know right! We have a child; Dumsor. What kind of parents would we be if we dissolved the marriage.”

sexy nana

Hahaha. Now lets get serious! None of these notions are as silly as the notions that are really in the head of many Ghanaians concerning politics. I personally do not LOVE politics because of certain notions people have about politics and how the whole thing is played out in Ghana.

For many, the election that’s coming up has nothing to do with Mahama and Akuffo Addo. Oh not at all. It is absolutely wierd because they are the people we’ll be voting for in the long run; either of them will be our president this year. However, they’re not the point for consideration for many.

Surprisingly, for alot of Ghanaians it has never been about the candidates and their capabilities. A security man at my workplace said something to me that sent me sprawling, he said “My support for ‘my’ party has been since childhood. No matter what happens I will always vote for my party. Whether the economy is rotting because of my party or not, I will always vote for them.” So I asked him, “Dont you consider the candidates?…how each of them can contribute to Ghana?” He smiled ” If you are supporting a football team, would you stop rooting for them because they are losing?” This statement made me smile with him. I wish I could say this is just illiteracy talking but this is the voice of many in Ghana. Well, illiteracy is still high so…chale. Our country will not know true development until we are able to educate more people in the nation.

How can you compare a whole nation’s welfare and growth to scores in a football match? Is that how much we cherish our motherland, Ghana? There isnt much I can say to change the minds of Ghanaians on this issue. I vote for CPP when I think their candidates can deliver, I will vote for NDC this year, if i think Mahama is doing well enough to continue for the next four years, I will give NPP a chance if I trust Akuffo Addo to deliver. Politics is rational. Lets not make it a game of senseless debauchery.

You see, I am not a fan of this game called POLITICS.