Powerful Witches Caught In Broad Day Light

To many, witchcraft is simply a folktale or stories of fiction. It seems as though witches are viewed differently around the world. In Africa, witches are nocturnal beings that have supernatural powers to destroy. Others  think witches are simply beings with supernatural powers. In many books and movies, witches are sometimes portrayed as good people who help others with their supernatural powers.

Well, I am only going write about witches based on personal experience. As a ‘prayer warrior’ member all through high school till now, I have witnessed a lot of witch craft activities and manifestations. Witches are all over the world; they are wives, mothers, friends, siblings and lovers. Witchcraft is a ‘normal’ reality in Africa. The reality of witchcraft unlike the characters they portray in movies are solely evil. A witch can only do good at the detriment of his or her welfare. How? lil witch

An example is a little girl I witnessed a witchery manifestation during a session of prayer. This little girl had so many bruises on her . Her guardian who adopted this girl brought her to a prayer meeting because she was always ill and she also had new bruises on her almost everyday but she wouldn’t say what happened to her. She had been taken to the hospital on several occasions but  the efforts of the doctors proved futile. As we prayed together, the little girl burst out crying, she made weird bodily movements that scared everybody present including her guardian. We prayed for her until she was delivered. deliverance

The little girl shared her story on how she protected her loving and caring guardian from witch attack. She was sent by a team of witches to destroy her guardian but it was very difficult for her because she loved her. She was always beaten at night by her team of witches for not giving in to their demands. She always bore the attack intended for her guardian. snake

Witches manifest in many ways at night to attend their meetings. Some change into vultures, snakes, dogs and cats. They usually do not move in human form. They are often sent on various missions at night. They are sometimes sent to kill, cause sickness, addictions, hatred, depression, suicidal thoughts and many others.

Sometimes, as human as we are, we are tempted to treat issues based on our knowledge and understanding(physical) all the time. However, things are not always black and white; there are a lot of greys we don’t understand. Witches hardly manifest physically but when they do, it is really hard to maintain a normal heart beat no matter how deeply you may be drenched in prayer.

My prayer team once went on a retreat at Domeabra; one of the remote villages in Ghana. One night as we held hands to pray, we were visited by a witch. For some reason, the woman was utterly unkempt and her teeth were sparsely arranged. Even though she carried a baby on her back, she came in screaming and rolling on the ground. She said, she came for one of my friend’s heart. We took the baby from her and prayed as hard as we could, she then begun to cry and plead for our forgiveness. She begged us to stop praying so that she could  go.

We really wanted to deliver her from the spirits but unfortunately it took too long, it was getting bright in the sky. We had to leave the premises. She thanked us repeatedly and fled the premises when we closed the session. witch doctors


How do people acquire witchcraft?

Unlike, the popular story Harry Potter, witchcraft in the real world is not acquired through school.Many people acquire the witch craft spirit unknowingly. A lot of witches gain the power by eating food and wearing clothes consecrated by a witch for that purpose. Very old witches pass it on to their relatives as a priced possession before they die.often through a meal or jewelry..

In small villages, a lot of people protect themselves from witch attack by visiting native doctors and fetish priests for concoctions and symbols. They attack witches when they are revealed to them which most often than not are false accusation. The government and some churches are constantly trying all around Africa to stop this abuse of human rights. However, the people are very hot headed in this regard making it very difficult for the government to treat their spiritual issues with legal backing.

The most effective way I know is through prayer. Works just fine for me. I have an awfully close relationship with a woman who has multiple and ‘hard to believe’ experiences with witchcraft. It is mouth opening to hear her share her story. She always had experiences of seeing demonic spirits from childhood but when she grew up, she moved to live in a remote area and that was where her experiences heightened. She had countless experiences while she lived there alone. Some of her experiences were the feeling of a strong but invisible  finger upon her lips while she prayed to shut her up that led to her biting the finger, a hand that tried to suffocate her while she slept, a face to face encounter with a man who quickly by passed her and upon turning her back in fear, the man was not there and many other experiences I will expatiate in  another blog post…