Gay Bashing in Ghana-Christ’s perspective


For the past three days there has been two major incidents on the news on gay bashing. The earlier news happened in St.Paul’s High school in the Volta Region where two students who are alleged to have been involved in homosexual acts were attacked by the student body. Luckily, they were rescued by a teacher whose properties including other school properties were destroyed in an attempt to have the alleged gay teenagers released to them. The national police stepped in to rescue these boys; but the riot aggravated into a more violent attempt to have the boys released to them. According to the news, warning shots were fired by the national police which ended up killing one of the students. The question is, ” Is it worth it?”

The latest news on gay bashing was the brutal attack on Albert Appiah, the C.E.O of Get Familiar GH popularly known as Kinto Rothmans. He was alleged to be having sexual relations with a guy called Salim a resident of Nima. Kinto was beaten to a pulp,money was extorted from him and was forced to confess his feelings for Salim on tape which went viral.

Lesbians are attacked and raped by men with the intent of making them straight, yet the law does not do much about this. This act is termed as corrective rape. Since when did evil become the right thing to do to execute ‘evil’. The bible says, “Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good”. Ghana, a christian country has really lost the basis of her actions..

Many questions crowd my mind when i think about it;

  1. Is MORALITY really the excuse for gay bashing?

  2. Is it a fruitful cause to attack and kill gay people?

  3. The actual question is,”Why the hate?”

The answers are glaring right in our faces but until we pay close attention to the society in which we live in, it will remain a mystery. The fact is, over 80% of people involved in gay bashing do not understand the rage and the hate behind their actions. Majority would simply say,” I hate them”, “They don’t deserve to live”. But when those notions are questioned, you realize it is simply dogma. Studies have shown that gay bashing has become a way for robbers, adulterers, murderers and all other people who feel wrong inside to gain a sense of ‘righteousness’ or the feeling of being ‘better’ a person morally. It has absolutely nothing to do with what most of them declare.

If gay bashing is really a morality issue based on the bible, then we would rather treat gay people with love, compassion and empathy. There was an incident in the bible where there were people (just like gay bashers) who wanted to stone a woman to death because she had committed adultery. This woman run to Jesus, knelt before him with all hope lost in her eyes though they were fixed on Jesus. She hoped for a miracle and I believe a chance to make things right. Jesus had mercy on the woman and then uttered ‘stunning’ words to those men with the voice of love and compassion,” If any of you be without sin, let him cast the first stone”. They all walked away without being able to say anything else because they were all sinners just like the adulterer; they may have not committed the same sin but they were sinners. That same Jesus; the one people claim to follow hurt others emotionally and physically today. I cant say much about Allah but at least one of the attributes Muslims give to Allah is that he is a God of compassion and mercy. Are these gay bashers really the followers of this God?

Statistics show that suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24. Gay and lesbian youth are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide.The fact is, majority hate themselves; they don’t need you to help them with the hate. Why does this humongous and scary statistics have to be? Because these people have nowhere to turn especially in our society. Friends, family and even the church turns away from these people. The fact is, majority of them wants to be helped, they need the love and all the support they can get to be better. God would definitely not want to lose them to suicide or hell; so why do we go against GOD?

It is really interesting how we feel gay bashing mobs up Africa and makes Africa free of homosexuality. Reality is, we only force gay people into hiding. They hide out of fear; afraid to even seek help. They marry our sisters as a cover up and steal our girlfriends away from us with their wit and affluence. Statistics show that a high number of HIV infections among black women is passed on to them by their gay husbands or boyfriends. How profitable therefore is forcing gay people into hiding?

I am not defending homosexual acts neither am I promoting it. What I am asking is, Is it worth the killing? Killing and assaulting  people means ceasing their chance to make it right with God, themselves and the world. As a christian, I truly believe in the existence of heaven and hell; therefore ceasing someone’s opportunity to make things right with God is a very horrible thing to do. Holding someone back from his opportunity to bless the world with all the good things God has placed within him is a terrible thing to do to the world; a loss the world cant forgive. There is definitely more to these people than just being gay.

There would have been no Donnie Mcclurkin who inspires and encourages many through music and word if he was gay bashed or killed. There would have been no Tyler Perry to entertain and inspire the world through his art if he was killed for being gay. These people are saved and are being used mightily by God to bless nations.

Can you imagine the world of  comedy without Neil Patrick Harris, missing out on the series Prison Break without Wentworth Miller? I bet you cant. We can only pray and preach the word as Christians and LOVE as human beings.  In fact, the world would not have forgiven the killers and the molesters of these great people. The list goes on. Africa we must wise up!

My last question is,“If adulterers and fornicators were killed, what would have been left of the world?” Click a share button today to make that difference in Africa and in the Christendom.