Youth Pastor Turns Porn Star-Full Story

Jessica Neely, a youth pastor by the age of 21 turned a porn star that same year when something she had never thought possible happens to her. A pastors child that was crazy for the lord, became crazy for sex.

One afternoon, Jessica Neely was walking to her car when her head was bashed against her car and was brutally raped by a stranger  who took her virginity. Unfortunately, Jessica’s trauma and shock of what happened to her did not allow her to report the incident. She thought she was not the kind of girl that’s raped; she was a good girl…a decent girl and she never thought she would participate in porn later after that… she never imagined she’d become a human trafficker.

After a while of the rape, she later tried to get help but none of it seemed to help her trauma so she spiraled into sex addiction and alcohol. She finally came across a magazine that was inviting girls to escort and porn. She signed up for a porn website and begun to shoot many porn movies and begun to lure young girls into the porn industry as well. She was making more than $10,000 a day.

In the midst of her addiction and her new found porn life, Jessica says that she was still angry at God for allowing her lose all her dreams and all hopes of whom she wanted to be in future. Jessica recalls singing hymns at her very low times unable to say a prayer. Sometimes, Jessica would sing hymns before she started a porn scene because part of her was yelling “I want out!” but she did not know how. “Nobody would accept me…no church will take me back now!” she cried. All she had left was sing, “I surrender all” and many other hymns we all love to sing.

Jessica felt the rape repeat over and over again whenever she had a sex scene but she felt that atleast she could now choose whom to sleep with and not forced by a stranger.

So her turn around came when she went to Kentucky on a corn field when she was tired, hopeless, suicidal and wanted to get back to the lord. She gave up porn and completely surrendered to the lord and that was when she started a fruitful relationship with God.

She now goes around talking to the youth in churches, seminars and all sort of youthful gatherings to talk to them about the dangers of pornography and human trafficking.

I heard this story on a post on my facebook page (in the comment section) where many others expressed ignorance towards those who featured in porn and human trafficking. People made surprising assumptions that porn was not real. Other people made statements like all people who acted porn were bad people and they dont feel sorry for them. These are very horrible things to say or assume about people you dont even know. Click here to view the video and the comments below.

You see, your past cannot define you…neither should your present; it can only define who you are if you let it. Where ever you are in life, you need to know that there is a second chance and there’s never too late a time to make a positive turn in your life. All you need is to make the decision and allow God take the wheel of your life.

Sometimes, the world judges you even without hearing your story…the world has already cooked up ideas about whom we are without getting to know us personally. But what we make out of ourselves and not succumbing to their ideologies of whom they expect us to be is all that matters. The best revenge in life is to get better.

“Stay true to yourself cos that is awesome!”-awesomerichy