Humility 101-Shyness & Arrogance

Do you know that shyness can easily be mistaken for arrogance? In your relationship with others, it important to be aware of this. Arrogance or pride is not an attractive thing to wear on anybody no matter his status in life. I am easily fooled that a shy person is humble because it takes some amount of humility to see someone above yourself. Whether or not I am correct, I think that it takes some amount of humility or self consciousness to be shy of someone. However, shyness could easily be interpreted as arrogance.  Why? Let’s see these scenarios.

1. Avoiding a greeting

Sometimes, when you see someone you are so shy of standing in a distance, it is highly likely for many to find ways of escaping their glimpse. Saying hi or a mere greeting could be very difficult. Unfortunately, that could be interpreted as arrogance.

2. Avoiding eye contact

And when you finally get into a conversation with someone you are shy of, you find your self being ‘interested’ in looking at other things but the eyes of the person you are shy of. Unfortunately for many that could be a sign of arrogance.


Shy people would rather look on their phones or read a book instead of engaging in a conversation with someone else or a group of people in a conversation. Unfortunately, that could easily be understood by many as arrogance.

4. Stubborn

Sometimes very shy people seem to be disobedient and stubborn. They do not take directions well. Sometimes it is due to fear of making mistakes and being blamed for faults. Other times, they simply see their flaws more than their strengths and it highly unlikely for them to take up tasks with a mental state as that. Such a person could easily be mistaken to be arrogant while all he is shy.

Human emotion and temperaments could be very confusing and if not observed and treated with care alot of things could be destroyed especially relationships. Sometimes, it takes a shy person to understand another.

One Sunday, a Lady came to me after service complaining about another lady whom she thought to be arrogant. I knew that lady she spoke about but one thing I have always noticed about her was how shy she was of a lot of people including that lady that complained to me. When I explained to her, she also came realize that she was shy and was surprised that she never noticed before. For some people, they seem arrogant simply because they are shy but it is not everybody that understands shy people especially when they are not shy themselves.

Shyness can be such a tough predicament on people because it has the power to make them act ‘insane’ or ‘senile’ at times. We need to support shy people and help them out in any way we can. We don’t have to say it in their face but help them. They deserve your support and not your judgement.

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