My Friend; A member of Isis?

The Video Below May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers….

I can’t believe his face is all over the internet being branded a terrorist member of the ISIS. It is very hard to believe. I still can’t accept truth to the story; Badhan Diallo IS NOT a member of the ISIS.

Badhan Diallo

I knew this guy back in Junior High School, Radiantway School. We were friends mostly because I felt we had similar temperaments. He was not too loud and sociable like many others, this was a trait we had in common. I vividly remember us sitting in front of the computer lab under the tree looking at girls and fantasizing about the kind of girls we would want to be married to in future. I still remember the girl he was crushing on so bad but he couldn’t tell her because you know, he is Badhan; very quiet and reserved. But everybody loved him because of his captivating aura of friendliness.

Badhan di

Badhan was brainy; a really smart skinny guy whose essays were to die for. His compositions and his creative writing pieces were so beautiful that you would begin to doubt if you had a brain in your skull at all. I really admired him and loved him like a brother.

Although we were of different religious backgrounds thus different beliefs, it was never a bone to pick between us. Religion meant just as much as the belief system of our families back then.

We completed Junior High School and Badhan entered into the Senior High School he has always wanted as long as I knew him, Pre-sec Boys Senior Secondary School. That was when we parted ways.


The next time I heard of him was when I received a link from him to his blog. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed every piece he posted on his blog It was a site where he did beautiful pieces of creative writing. He was indeed a talent. However, at a point, he stopped updating posts on his blog.


Did we have religious conversations? Yes, we did. He tried to explain the non-existence of Jesus to me in many ways through whatsapp a few times. That was all. I didn’t see any aorta of violence in his conversations.

When I heard the news and saw his face on every blog relating to ISIS, I panicked and tried to call him but it didn’t go through that was when I got worried. I still feel there must have been a mix up somewhere.

It really hurts me that he is being branded this way. On a sad note, I say , “Stay true to yourself cos that is awesome!”

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