27 year old male virgin; Surprised?

So I was having an interesting conversation with one of my followers yesterday and gosh I broke into laughter. Never laughed so hard in a very long while. He shared with me a story about how people react when he tells them he is a virgin. Your suspicion is right, they are always shocked! Yes, he is 27 and he is not alone; there are many other male virgins.

I have done a couple of series on Virginity where I taught men to embrace their status as virgins. We even went further to ask girls in Ghana on tape, what their preferences were and MOST girls preferred virgin men. You can check that out here. And then another where I shared my personal thoughts on this. This was all somewhere in 2013. Wow, time flies!

Well onto today’s topic, there are many virgin men; even though the society in which we live now would say they are way too old to be virgins. The reactions people have to that fact varies; some find it funny, others find it admirable but many others find it embarrassing. One thing I say is, It is a useless cause to try to convince anybody that you are a virgin as an adult male because usually, they don’t believe it. There’s nothing you can say that will make them believe it so just stop! Quit it! Don’t talk about it until they need to know. The whole point of this blog post is to show you how this can easily happen.

1. Religious Childhood

Growing up, many kids were taken to Sunday School, mosques and many other religious environments. Most children had some form of religious upbringing. In many religions, sex is a no-go-area. We don’t talk about it and when we do, it is treated with disgust and a heavy pile of demonization. As children, the idea of sex was SATANIC and really BAD. So this notion is built in our brains as children. Not even realizing, that’s how we were born…lol

2. Curious Teens

Teens are usually curious and therefore a lot of boys lose their virginity at this stage in their lives. But for boys who do not, they are usually afraid to explore that part of them since they have been brought up thinking it is awful and bad. Many others also want to simply do the right thing by their parents, God and themselves by not doing the ‘bad’ sex thing. Being the good boy is what they live for and that’s why they remain virgins.

3. Social Young Adults

Around this time, it is either they were in High School or just preparing for college. At this stage, a lot of young adults lose their virginity because they are influenced by their friends and social groups. But for young males who remain virgins at this stage, they probably had friends who were not bothered or simply cared less about losing their virginity. Their friends hardly talked about sex and when they did, they discouraged it. Those who found themselves in the Scripture union and many other religious groups were usually Jupiter & Mars away from ever breaking their virginity. Like REALLY far since they always see Satan under the sheets and never actually socialize with people who’d be interested in breaking their virginity.

4. Busy Adults

Just after the university, while many of the guys who broke their virginity in their teens were probably onto their 10th girlfriends, the virgin ones have the effrontery to be ambitious. LOL. Yes, they do! They are swamped with work, many others pursuing their dreams so much that they do not have the time for a relationship. At this stage, when they even try to combine their ambitions with dating, it usually fails. You know, most girls require the attention and all the romantic stuff! Virgins at this stage, usually remain virgins. They hardly lose it and they hardly talk about their status as virgins.

5. Finally Ready Adults

When they are finally ready, they are usually blue and feel unprepared. The dating scene becomes quite weird and uncomfortable.  For the religious ones, it is easy for them to find a girl and get married before finally, he experiments on how to get the deed done. For the handsome ones, girls would say, “Awww SO cute. Let’s do it!” For the rich ones at this stage, girls would say ,”Who fucking cares! Take all of me, baby!” But for those who don’t make any money-no dough, neither do they have their looks working in their favor, they might better just end up being asexual or gay cos their virginity might be intact till they die.


So you see, there are billion and 1 reasons why a guy could be a virgin at 27 or older. It’s not far fetched at all. I don’t find it shocking at all and I don’t think anyone should.

Let me know what you think about being a virgin male adult down below in the comment section.