Raped girl takes revenge on her 7 rapists-Video

This video tested my stance about this issue of lynching. However, lynching cannot and should not be encouraged.  But this video puts across very obvious problems and solutions to this deadly practice that dwells among us. Losing a friend and almost losing another friend to mob attack when he visited a hall at the University of Ghana-Legon has been a traumatic and scary experience for me. You would think that educated youngsters would act differently but mob justice seems to be that genetic disease that has been passed on since the 1700’s. Since Willie Lynch wrote the letter about ‘the lynching of the Negro slaves’ in 1714, it is sad that we are perpetuating that same authority that Willie Lynch; a slave master instituted for Africans.

This has always made me extra passionate about the issue of mob justice which I have always tried to change for the past 3 years. The recent death of an old student of my alma Mata breaks my heart even more because it gives me the sense that nothing I have done means anything. Helplessness is such a painful burden to bear but I won’t quit doing what I can to stop this and so should you.

1.Eradicating/Fixing of the Poor/Corrupt Police Force:

Living in a society where the police and all the other law enforcement agencies are not functioning forces people to seek justice on their own terms. The government must take seriously the law enforcement of our nation because that is the only way they can win trust from their citizens to eradicate this horrendous practice.

2.Criminalization of mob justice/Lynching

The government must take very seriously every mob attack that happens anywhere in the nation; whether the victim is deemed guilty or not, the attackers must be investigated and brought to book. They must be severely punished and sentenced heavily. This will deter people from this barbaric practice.

3.Citizens being the eyes and ears of each other

Whenever a mob attack starts, instead of by standers taking out their phone to record the incident, it would rather be a reasonable practice to call the police. That’s when we need the efficiency of the police to appear at the scene on time. While we wait, it would have to be in our human genetics to find support from amongst bystanders that are not actively involved in joining you in calming and reminding the mob attackers of the crime they are trying to commit. It is however advised never to do this alone since the angry mob may turn against you.

We always speak about lynching as do I but we need people to hear us.  You can help by sharing this as much as you can.