They say I am a porn addict too!

I have spoken about porn a lot on my blog because of how dangerous it is despite how seemingly harmless it may be. I have written blog posts such as The scary reality of porn, my first porn experience,immune to pornography, are you contributing to Africa’s porn industry?

However, I was prompted to write yet another blog post on pornography from an experience I had yesterday. On one of my facebook group pages, I was notified when someone posted this:


As you can see, it reads: “Whatsapp group dupe…adult only drop your numbers. Let have some fun…strictly adults…no joke” So I thought to myself,” This is a freaking stupid post. Who in his right frame of mind would send such personal information for EVERY and ANYbody to see on a post like that?”


Apparently, I was wrong. In less than a few minutes, the comment area of that post was flooding with phone numbers. I then decided to teach them a lesson by starting a group with a few of those numbers and bombard them with unpleasant stuff that will make them think twice next time they put their contact on a public platform like a facebook group page.


So in this ‘prank’, I was the fraudster or the spam creator. They were lucky it was me this time, because it could be a real fraudster the next time. I created a group with some of the numbers and Oh my God! I have never felt so appreciated and loved. Not even if I contributed to a dying child’s surgery to SAVE his life would I have been appreciated as I was for creating a ‘porn whatsapp group’. They were full of praise with words like, “We are so grateful to the administrator for opening a group like this for us.” Someone else added, “Yes oo. God richly bless him” I was shocked! Did I just read “God”?! They were unbelievably grateful. That was when I was getting worried at the magnitude of their addiction. These are people who are probably in denial of how addicted they are to pornography. Most of them might not  have given it a second thought.


I then went through my blog to find blog posts and all over the internet for stuff that will help them realise the magnitude of their porn addiction and how irrational porn has made them. Before I could finish finding what I was looking for, I was getting notifications that they were already customizing the group page—literally feeling at home as they changed the group’s picture and started sending pictures of themselves.


Then it started! My phone would not stop buzzing. They were sending pornographic videos and pictures one after the other at a very fast rate. Since my wifi was on, they were being downloaded automatically. That was when I realised, “I just pranked myself!” I simply couldn’t take how fast my phone storage was being flooded with pornography.


I decided to leave the group because I couldn’t take it any longer. Then it occurred to me that I had to close down the group. After I had dissolved the group, I received countless messages of them begging me to put them back into the group and whenever I told them the group had been dissolved, they expressed sadness or anger. Yes, I received messages like “Oh”…”awww” and then most of them said “FUCK YOU”


They expressed grave addiction and I could see suffering, lack of self control, discontentment and shame as these strangers were desperately asking me to add them to the group.


So I came across Jake, a former porn addict who is going to reveal some effects of porn addiction and most importantly symptoms that will make you know if you are addicted to pornography or not. This will be of aid to people who are in denial of their addiction.

So if you have the symptoms Jake is talking about, then you definitely need help. Get all the help you can get because all these symptoms can lead to DEATH if you don’t find help. They are all serious symptoms that affect your mental health—mental health is very crucial to life.If your mental health is not right, you walk on thin ice until you get help.

For those who can’t afford rehabilitation, I recommend Healthsexualitysystem to you. They take you through processes and a support system where you also get your own anonymous partner who will  make sure you are well and restored by the time the program ends. So check them out here.

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