Africa Goes Anal!


I was on a bus on my way to school when the driver tuned into local news. There was a woman on air who shared a story that brought silence to the passengers in the bus. The woman shared her story on radio about her husband’s inexplicable behavior. This woman complained bitterly about her husband’s bid to divorce her if she did not consent to have anal sex with her husband. Apparently, this woman had on several occasions agreed to have anal sex with her husband. ” I go through  agonizing pain whenever I have anal sex with my husband”, she explained. ” I love my husband but all he wants lately is to have anal sex with me”, she cried. She seemed puzzled at her husband’s behavior and did not know what to do about her relationship.

In fact, I was utterly shocked and even more confused at her husband’s behavior. It got me thinking,” Why would a MAN who is married to a WOMAN want to have anal sex with his wife especially when his wife is candidly against it?” It made no sense to me at all.

When the segment of the news ended, the silence in the bus was completely broken with an argument that seemed never ending. People found it funny, others were passive about it, just a few spoke vehemently against it. ” The man must have wanted to try something new”, a man said. “He probably wants to have a better sexual experience“…. the men went on and on to defend this act. The surprising thing is how a woman boldly defended the act and made a joke of it in the bus.


In shock, I decided to ask a bunch of friends about it when I got to school. Apparently, anal sex is practiced by  quite a number of people; HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES. Most people find nothing wrong with it and believe it is a great way of  sexual pleasure.

Apparently, some ladies enjoy anal sex too. ” I wait for just the right moment”, some ladies explained. A lot of guys were extremely excited by the mere sound of it.

The question is, Why do people practice it? These were few reasons I gathered.

1.  Some couples practice it because they want to avoid pregnancy.
2. They want to optimize sexual pleasure.
3.  They want to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
4. Some other girls resort to anal sex as a way of keeping their virginity till they get married.
5. Some people do it because their partners want them to. They do it to protect their relationship

I could not believe how ignorant people were about something they seemed to have been heads deep in. However, there are quite a number of things people need to know about anal sex.

  1. The anus is the riskiest way of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis and HIV.  The lining of the anus is thin and fragile which can easily tear creating a passage for microbes to enter the bloodstream.

  2. Evidence is accumulating that this practice may sometimes lead to anal cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society now says that most anal cancers seem to be linked to infection with human papilloma virus(HPV) which is spread by sexual contact.

  3. It can lead to vaginal infections.

  4. Virginity does not only mean having your hymen intact. Besides, there are virgins who have their hymen broken due to activities such as exercise and sports. Virginity is psychological; nobody can really tell your virginity but yourself.

  5. If your partner demands anal sex from you against your wish, it is best you quit the relationship. True love cant see you hurt. Walk away from the relationship, in fact run! Your happiness is not worth sacrificing for an excuse of a relationship.

This makes me ponder over our culture, tradition and religious values we seem to hold so high as Africans. How different are we from the homosexuals whom we kill because of this same sexual act? How come we are able to make mockery of a woman who is being raped anally in her own marriage? It makes no sense…. what do we really stand for as Africans?

Where lies our culture?… Where lies our religion?… Ignorance, hypocrisy, selfishness, confusion and uncertainty is killing Africa. We will keep smelling the stench if we watch Africa stay at the anals of the world.