Finally premiering-“Vieled”Movie about a sexually abused male.

The story line is about a little boy who was sexually abused and grew into adulthood facing the consequences of the abuse. The drama that his relationships brings to the plot is worth watching. Stay tuned, guys, for the movie and expect to see me on there as well.

We have already been nominated in a number of awards in Zimbabwe,Kenya, Germany and South Africa. It was also streamed at Real Time Festival 2016. I am really excited about this and I believe this will not be a mere movie but it will surely make an impact in people’s lives; especially young men in a community such as ours, that would always try it’s best to hush on issues such as this.

It will be so entertaining and educative. Be there at the premiere that is coming off at the Global Cinemas on the 2nd September at 7pm and 8pm for the first and second show. Make sure you don’t miss the red carpet event where you get to meet your favorite celebrities. If you have been following me all this while, this is the time you finally meet me. So exciting! Don’t forget to say hi.

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