Dating In High School-Ghana (A.I.S)

Okay, it’s been a while since I last posted a #nostalgia episode. Today, I am talking about dating in High School. Oh, sweet high school romance. I can only talk about this from my own perspective(Akosombo International School). There were a few things about dating in High school that made it exciting. The biggest of them all was the fact that there were some guys in Highschool that gnashed (never dated) all through High School.

The Smartest Science Guys 🙂 of our batch

You know, human psychology twists; wealth wouldn’t mean as much if there were no poor people so that was the beauty of ‘going out'(dating) in High School. Gnashers would do just anything to get a girl and when they finally do, what next? Well, let’s see if it was worth the hassle.


There was something about a note that was to die for. When a guy gets a note from a girl, it was like getting a VISA to heaven. A love letter would be downplaying what a note meant in High School. “Don’t send me a letter, I don’t want a card. A note will do the magic!” Boys and girls would do just about anything to get a partner that consistently sent notes. Oh, High school romance, so sweet.

Having a walking partner

Having a walking partner of the opposite sex was everything! That was High school romance on fleek. Only gnashers walked with members of the same sex but those who dated always walked together. If you walked alone, chale…that was the worst. If you didn’t take time, the shame of walking alone can make you trip and fall when nobody had pushed you.

Saying sweet nothings

One thing, I used to wonder was what high school couples said to each other for hours of talking, smiling and giggling. In my ignorance as a first-year student, I eavesdropped the conversation of the ‘best couple’ in our senior batch. I heard stuff like, “Have you eaten today?” and you know, girls will always say, “No” Even if they ate banku for breakfast. So after she had said, “No.” Do you know what the guy said to her, “Don’t worry it will be dining time soon.” High school dating paa di3 3y3 asem oo. If you can’t afford to get her a meal elsewhere, why do you ask? It’s not as if you could just walk out of campus to go grab lunch at KFC or something. They’d talk for hours and you might think it was something extraordinarily romantic. High School romance dey beee. Ironically, dating being referred to as ‘going out’ ended with nobody actually going out anywhere.

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day was such a big event for those dating. It was like the harvest time for those in relationships. You find girls carrying huge teddy bears from their boyfriends and boyfriends going to meet chocolate surprises on their beds. Valentine’s day was a time of surprises for those ‘going out'(dating). It was also a time when you saw the single ones(gnashers) group together clinging on one another like a group of ants on a pinch of sugar. When you see guys grouped like that, it simply yelled ‘the gnashing is thick!’ How does gnashing feel like? I was the head of gnashers so I should know…right? Yep, you got that right. Gnashing felt like…getting no toy on the eve of Christmas after being a GOOD boy the entire YEAR! Oh girls…” why you do we so?”



Even though the majority of those who dated in High School got no real romance, they were absolutely content with the points mentioned above. True oo…all the hassle and bassle were for just those things atleast that’s all most had. Hw3 eno easy kraa!

Apart from the ‘have you eaten?” romance of High school students, real romance thrived as well. Even though most romantic gestures were done in the dark, secret, when nobody’s watching, it happened anyways. I don’t know about your country but in most schools in Ghana, if you were caught or reported kissing your girlfriend, you would be punished, suspended or even dismissed from school. Yep, you’d done the unthinkable!

I once saw something absolutely gruesome. Because it was prohibited to kiss in public, a couple decided to find another way to do that; sharing a chewing gum. After one person had chewed a particular gum for so long, he gave it to his partner to chew too. I personally thought it was gross but that was that couple’s way of kissing. Others definitely kissed and did other things that…you know…errh. Well, there was romance in High School too.

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