Have you ever wondered the African roots of your favorite African American Celebrities? We find out..

Have you ever wished your favorite African American celebrity is from your country in Africa? Or have you wondered where in Africa a particular celebrity’s ancestral roots is traced from? In fact, I have done that severally with many African American celebrities. I often looked at their faces and mannerisms and made assumptions about their roots in Africa. I use to hold claim that Oprah Winfrey’s ancestors must have been Ghanaians looking at the shape of her lips and her emotional qualities; “she must be fanti” my mother always argued. Were we wrong? I am excited to reveal the African roots of some African American celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg(actress), Oprah Winfrey(TV Pioneer), T.D Jakes(Pastor/Author) and Chris Tucker(comedian) in a research that was spear headed by Henry Louis Gates Jr with a group of other scientist Dr. Peter Foster, Dr. Rick Kittles and Dr. Jackson..

You could be sure that these African American celebrities have at least had thoughts of their African roots linger in their minds before. Oprah Winfrey always thought she was from the Zulu tribe of South Africa; “I feel connected to the Zulu tribe”, Oprah says. She thought she looked Zulu, that’s pretty far from the fanti’s in Ghana… Bummer! This was more of a disappointment for Oprah than it was for me when she found out that her DNA matched the Bamileke people in Cameroon, Bantu-speaking tribe in Zambia, and dominantly the Kpelle people of West Africa in what’s now Liberia. The movements of tribes and the slavery in Africa is attributed to the multiple roots. However, she could say that she is a Liberian of West Africa. At least she is West African, right? Oprah Winfrey has only 8% genetic relationship with native America and none with Europe. Oprah Winfrey is more African than American genetically.

Whoopi Goldberg was completely playful and funny during the whole process of investigating her roots as comedian as she is. Whoopi Goldberg was surprised too when she found out after her DNA test that she was 92% Sub Sahara African. In fact she was fascinated,” Cool. I always thought I was a mud.”  Whoopi Goldberg joked. It was most shocking for Whoopi Goldberg that her genetics showed no native American genes.

However, T.D Jakes didn’t seem surprised at the results of his DNA test at all. His results showed that his maternal lineage was given rise from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. According to T.D Jakes, his uncle always believed that their people had their roots from the Igbos of Nigeria. He was elated about this news and could not wait for his Nigerian friends to know. Just like Whoopi Goldberg, T.D Jakes has no genetic relationship with the native Americans.

Finally, Chris Tucker an American comedian was a complete comic in the research. “I think I am from Ghana.”, Chris Tucker confessed. It was however revealed to Chris Tucker that he dominantly reigns from Angola..

It is amazing what science can do and with the continuous advancement in science, we can only imagine a boundless mass of possibilities. I don’t know what these celebrities could possibly do with this information, but how ever we look at it, it is absolutely imperative for us to know our roots.  Christopher Dawson said,” A man who finds his routes finds his ‘religion'”

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