Twi speaking in popular American tv series Shameless.

This is not the first time I have heard twi being used in a popular tv series by an African. The awkward thing is that they think that she is Nigerian. It is stated by Fiona, a character in the movie that the lady is Nigerian which I think is great because she doesn’t say she is African as they usually say. But when she finally speaks in her local language, it is nothing but Twi; twi is Ghanaian not Nigerian.

This is one of the things I can’t help but nag about. Their usual assumption that Africa is a country might have led to this hitch in language. Since when did Nigerians speak twi as their local language. In fact all the Nigerians I know cannot speak twi; they awfully struggle with it. Not to say her twi was impeccable but I just wish those in the western world took time to learn a little bit more about Africa especially when an African language is being used in a tv series. Nigeria is a different country from Ghana. Nigerians do not speak twi, Ghanaians do.

Well, I love the fact that my language was spoken on a tv series I enjoy! I have watched Shameless from the first season till the current one which is the seventh season. Shameless is about a dysfunctional family that struggles to just live and survive in a messed up neighbourhood in America. In fact, the fact that their lives are so messed up yet family remains the bond between them gives me a weird feeling of peace. Which is ironic because they are really messed up and it forces you to view life in a different way. In fact it gives me that space where I can be thankful for the peace and opportunities I have even in Ghana.

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