Fake pastor reveals step by step how ‘miracles’ are performed.

It is truly amazing how people are easily brainwashed into believing whatever it is they hear from certain men of god. The bible says, “…by their fruit you shall know them” Mathew 7:16

I can not imagine the number of people who have died from many diseases including HIV/AIDS from believing in this fake man of God instead of seeking medical attention. This makes me so angry and sad for those who must have lost their lives through the deceit of this man of god.

It is very obvious even from the man’s preaching that he is NOT a man of God. He does not preach the word of God…he preaches nothing but his personal beliefs which is quite obvious, I don’t know what the multitude of people gathered at such meetings hear. Now lets breakdown some of the tactics this man of god uses to perform the ‘miracles’ shall we?

1.Potassium permanganate, a chemical which when reacts with water and oxygen, turns red is used as blood. This was a HUGE miracle in the sight of them who were desperate for healing. The ‘blood’ is washed off into the water and it is seen as a sign of healing. “Praise the lord”, they will scream when the chemical rubbed on the hands by contact with the man of god turns red when they wash it in a bowl of water.

2. Nails from the feet: Pastors who wash the feet of the congregation hide nails in between their fingers using Vaseline. They keep their fingers clinged together for minutes till its time to wash the feet of the congregation and after pulling the ‘blood stunt’ distracting the church member, they release the nails into the water. These nails are then found by the pastor and then he screams, “Nails dropped from his feet. He is totally healed!”

3. False testimonies: People are paid to give false testimonies in the church which is aired on television and radio about diverse healing and breakthroughs they receive from the fake man of god. Encouraging people with real problems to come and pay for their own breakthroughs which never happens for them.

The manipulations of supposed men of god is unheard of and absolutely selfish ripping desperate people off of their last penny for nothing!

As much as I believe in God and his ability to perform real miracles, I just cannot see myself believing in false prophets and false doctrine because God being so good, these ‘men of God’ cannot hide their true colors completely no matter how hard they try. Evil is written all over them; in their lifestyle,messages etc.

Do not fill your heart with disbelief because it is a sad state for any human being to be in rather fill your heart with the spirit of God and faith because that is a life of hope and peace in the lord.