UCC SRC aspirant who leaked her own nudes finally tells her story

Nana Abena Korkor, a student who stood for the position of an S.R.C president of University of Cape Coast only a year ago, finally tells her story. Nana Abena a year ago was psychologically unstable, thus causing her to take nude pictures of herself and leaking it unto the internet by herself. She danced hysterically on campus, exposing her private parts on loads of her videos among many others which was hard to understand.

Nana Abena says she was admitted at the Accra Psychiatric where she was treated for Bipolar disorder. Aside her struggles, she came out just fine.

I am glad Nana Abena is well now and ready to educate the masses on mental illness especially the one she suffers from; Bipolar disorder. I believe it is such a good thing she is doing because mental illnesses like Bipolar disorder, PTSD, SAD etc are mental illnesses a lot of people including our friends and family suffer from but as Ghanaians and Africans, we know little about these things.

Our ignorance and stigmatization of issues relating to mental illness only stems from our ignorance of these conditions.

I respect Nana Abena for helping our friends and family to understand this and turning her story into one of triumph. I wish her all the best!