Millionaire Youtuber ‘Fouseytube’ Tells Us Why He’s Suicidal

You need to see this!

This video is important to me because back in High School at my low points where I battled depression, my friends said the exact same things to me and it was really frustrating wanting to believe them and to make things work at their order.

I have loved Fouseytube for as long as I can remember. There are 4 things he revealed in this 4 minutes video clip that stood out for me.

1. Depression is NOT a choice

2.Depression is NOT an act

3. There isn’t always a reason for depression.

4.What you say to a depressed person is important.

This video made me realise how ignorantly our society pushes young people to commit suicide every day! Let’s fight it and we can only do that with knowledge.

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