We’re set to release a movie soon…

A movie called ‘Veiled’ , produced and directed by Andy Siaw is set to be released soon. Andy Siaw also played a major role in the movie which made it very tough for him to combine. However, as difficult as it was, we sailed through; he had his big brother here-Hehehe.

I was the production’s manager on this project. You will also see me in there just alittle but in all, it is a great movie and you will definitely love it when it is released.


The whole story line is about a little boy who was sexually abused and grew into adulthood facing the consequences of the abuse. The drama that his relationships brings to the plot is worth watching. Stay tuned, guys, for the movie and expect to see me on there as well.

We have already been nominated in a number of awards in Zimbabwe,Kenya and South Africa. It was also streamed at Real Time Festival 2016. I am really excited about this and I believe this will not be a mere movie but it will surely make an impact in people’s lives; especially young men in a community such as ours, that would always try it’s best to hush on issues such as this.

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