Woman Stripped For Indecency In Nigeria-Video

In Africa, especially West Africa where I come from, this is quite a normal thing. Ghanaian women have also had their share of this treatment. However, this happened in Nigeria. Why? It is deemed a good thing in correcting indecent dressing in the society. So usually, when an indecently dressed woman is spotted, she is attacked by men and stripped naked since it is believed that a woman who wears miniskirts wants to be naked so they help her hasten the process to nudity. Yeah, that becomes the story and reason behind this.

Now, lets be plain, fair and square here. I don’t understand and cannot understand why Africans always try to paint a wrong picture about us as a people. For my subscribers or followers you know that I LOVE Africa but I don’t support any form of hate, abuse, discrimination or harassment on ANY level. For me, this is insane!

Do I think it is effective in stopping women from dressing indecently? To some extent, I would say yes. Because women fear that they would be stripped naked if they wore enticing clothes. However, there are still many women who wear miniskirts in Ghana(Africa). Is this effective? I think we should ask the attackers who seem to be supported and hailed by the society for harassing women sexually in public. The truth of the matter is, many of the guys sexually harassing these women do it for their own pleasure(they’ve got wood doing it-watch the vid carefully).

What we have to think about as HUMAN BEINGS is what we look for as Africans when we treat people this way to correct a ‘vice’. What is the reason for our actions? Are we looking to correct the person or we look to make people hide who they are and what they feel inside. If you ask me, Africans who promote this want to correct people but is that really the result? An indecent girl who wants to expose her breasts and thighs to the public does that for a REASON which we can only effectively correct only through the same process, REASON.

What we do to correct vices like this only put people who feel a certain way into hiding despite the fact that they see no reason for a change. We therefore end up breeding a hypocritical society which we have done so well to achieve today. In fact I think those guys must be prosecuted for that.

One celebrity I really admire in Ghana is… Before I mention the person’s name, don’t think I am crazy or that I want to be like him in every way. Hehehehe. Hell No! But I admire him for the fact that he is the realest human being I have ever seen. He doesn’t mind who is against him, his thoughts, his lifestyle…he is simply transparent and seeks nothing more than to be himself. I really admire His Royal Highness WANLUV KUBOLOR.hehehe

He is genuine and that is what I am about(staying true to yourself cos that is awesome). Such a person shows the world who he is and is therefore open to correction for who he really is. You get why I cant be like him, this guy wears no underwear nor slippers. He has dreads and he stripped on LIVE TELEVISION. That is crazy, MAN! I wont do that for a million BUCKS. Hahaha.

Let’s quit breeding hypocrisy as Ghanaians and as Africans and face reality so that we know our stance and open way for correction.