After four years of researching into the untold stories of Africa, I believe it is about time to actually do something about it. The minority has been quiet long enough! Trampled upon and sucked in pain in silence! I believe that when we come together as compassionate people for the hurt and victims ourselves, we can build a fort to reckon with. A fort that CANNOT be torn down. A fort that can rise against the fort of status quo of abuse and hurt that’s reigned for far too long.

We are starting a movement of passionate young men and women who are just as angry at unfairness and injustice, people who cannot just stand it when people are hurt and abused by others, people who simply want to make a difference in this world.

Together from different races, religious backgrounds, faith, preferences, beliefs, identities as ONE

This is going to be a movement, a social force that is going to stand TOGETHER against the THE popular social force that has been infringing on the rights, joys and freedom of marginalized persons in our world since FOREVER through EDUCATION & SHOUTING out loud injustice.

To be a volunteer, you need to believe in the RIGHTS for ALL persons leaving nobody behind. You need to believe in the power of self worth and the importance of a positive image of SELF and individualism. You need to be passionate enough to want to sacrifice to see the smiles on the faces of people who have no voice. People of all race, religious backgrounds, preferences, are all welcome. There’s absolutely no discrimination with us.

You will be actively involved in building a new movement which will eventually become an NGO which will be known as Voice Of Inspiring Inclusive Change Equitably (VOIICE) this year. A new movement and society that is based on inter-connectivity, love, trust and inclusion.

Education, we believe is the biggest tool for change and therefore will be our main focus in effecting change. Apply to be a volunteer by filling the form below.

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